MJWDP Large Wooden Cats Litter Tree one Tongtianzhu Climbing Frame House pet Supplies

  • Your Needs: If You Have An Active Kitten And Need A Place To Play, Then This Product Will Perfectly Meet Your Requirements. This Is An Interactive Playground Specially Designed For Kittens, Where Your Cats Can Play .
  • Cats Needs: Cats Naturally Like Heights, And This Cats Climbing Frame Can Just Meet The Needs Of Cats.
  • Installation Location: You Can Either Install It By The Window, Or Install It In Other Locations You Want.
  • The Fun Of Toys: Your Cats Can Jump Up And Down On The String, Or Sleep On It, Grabbing Up And Down, And The Layered Platform Provides A Space For Your Cats To Relax, Play, And Climb.
  • Material Structure: The Materials Used In The Product Will Help Keep The Cats Nails Healthy, Materials Can Ensure The Stability Of The Product, And The Combination Of Beautiful Design And Color Will Make Your Cats Climbing Frame Look More Lovely.